First, I wrote terrible poems and short stories.

Next, I moved to the city. That’s where I became an editor. I used a red pencil, then I tracked changes. I learned proofreading symbols during my lunch breaks. I worked with psychiatrists, architects, and historians. I stopped writing.

Then, after almost ten years, I moved out of the city. I had a kid, and a small home office. I became a freelance editor. I copyedited and proofread manuscripts––mostly academic monographs, quite a few for Oxford University Press. But I also proofread a novel for Fanny Howe before it was reissued; I helped shape self-published memoirs, too. I started writing again: mostly fiction. I had another kid. I kept writing: mostly poems.

Now, after nearly ten years of freelancing, and with my second son heading off to kindergarten, I am pressing pause on my editorial career, and focusing on my writing for the time being. I’ll be posting new and newly published work here. Thank you for reading.

Some credentials/past positions:


  • BA in English, magna cum laude, Connecticut College
  • MA in English, University College London
  • Development editor, Routledge
  • Associate managing editor, W. W. Norton